Canalyzer MB


The Canalyzer MB is bottom only dud detector. This machine measures the deflection on one end of the can at high speeds. Our special high-frequency scanning technology allows the Canalyzer to accurately profile the can end over several hundred to several thousand data points. This scanning technology allows the Canalyzer to be able to detect a leaking can, even if there is minimal change between a good can and a leaking can.


  • Bottom inspection
  • Inspects 2- and 3-piece cans
  • Inspects any can type and size Including EZO
  • Quick and easy changeovers
  • High speed (1200 standard, 1600 custom)
  • Precision integrated conveyor
  • Displays measurements in real units (0.001" increments)
  • Warehouse and washdown ( stainless steel and engineered plastics) versions available
  • Conveyor extensions available in several styles and lengths


  • Vacuum/ Pressure testing
  • Leak Inspection
  • Dud detection
  • Dent Inspection


  • The Canalyzer MB has its own precision integrated conveyor for accurate inspections.
  • Displayed measurements of 0.001inch can be compared to depth gauge reading for real world feedback.
  • Tests one end of the can against independent control limits.
  • SLC controls automatic selection of set points can be used to start a new code based on the standard deviation in seconds. Trending set points or percentage kick outs can also be maintained automatically.
  • Precision sensor adjustments for accurate inspections and fast changeover times
  • Inspects large variety of can types and sizes
  • Wear parts are made from a static dissipating material to eliminate sensor interference.



Operating Speed 1200 (Standard)/ 1600 (High speed) inspections per minute max
Power Requirements 100-250 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz single phase, isolated incoming power for Control
240-480 VAC 50 or 60 Hz three phase power for motor
Pneumatic Requirements 35-50 psi; ¼” standard (Options available)
Spacing Requirements Zero backline pressure from containers. Accumulation should stop 20 inches from discharge
Display Touchscreen display
Operating Conditions Stable Ambient Temperature: 32º to 122º F (0º - 50º C)
Communications RS-232 report sending capability (optional)
Enclosure Nema 12 std (Nema 4, IP 65 optional )
Length 40.0” Standard; conveyer extensions available (32.0”, 40.0”, 48.0”)
Height 32.0” Standard +/- 2.0” (extensions available)
Eject Pneumatic cylinder with soft bumper
Interface Intuitive with multiple access levels, Touchscreen (HMI) interface
Construction Stainless Steel, engineered plastics and Aluminium (Durable construction for the food and beverage industries)