Quantum Checkweigher


The Quantum Checkweigher is our standard machine for high speed weighing of cans. The Quantum accommodates speeds up to 600 cans per minute without the need for feed screws or accelerator tables. Five zone weight controls is standard as well as the use of dual load cells for greater accuracy. The rigid frame and mass of the machine increases dampening and decreases vibration to eliminate potential weight errors that can occur at high speeds. The Quantum adjusts quickly for different can sizes. Printable Quantum Checkweigher Brochure


  • 100% inline inspection of every can.
  • Mechanically designed for filling(open container) or warehouse(closed container) canning lines
  • Intuitive setup commands that are easy to use
  • Highly reliable electrical design in even the most harsh and noisy environments
  • Side transfer in-feed and discharge for good can handling even at higher speeds with unstable containers


  • Five zone weight control
  • Displays weight in either grams or ounces
  • Dual load cells for increased accuracy.
  • Easily adjusts for can size changeovers
  • Increased dampening for minimal vibration.
  • Feed screws are not required. Star-wheel provided
  • Stainless steel and engineered plastics for wash down
  • Open frame design for easy cleaning and maintenance


Operating Speed

600 Inspections per min max

Power Requirements

100-250 VAC isolated incoming power

Pneumatic Requirements

45-65 psi; ¼” standard (Options available)

Spacing Requirements

One inch between containers achieved by in-feed star wheel that is provided. Accumulation should stop 20 inches from discharge


Graphical touch screen display (optional additional remote monitoring displays )

Operating Conditions

Stable Ambient Temperature: 32º to 122º F (0º - 50º C)


Standard line control discrete I/O
Plant Ethernet for remote monitoring and control


NEMA 4x, IP 65


102.0 inches Standard overall, requires a 48 inch conveyor cutout with 27 inch conveyor overlap on both ends for side transfers


Stand-up pneumatic eject included mounted on the discharge portion of the machine. Stand-up eject can be paired with eject table with sensors to verify eject (optional). Additional eject mechanisms(optional) to sort other criteria


Intuitive Menu driven multiple password levels


Stainless Steel, engineered plastics (Durable construction for the food and beverage industries)

Installation Specifications