Reinitializing a CPU with a malfunctioning touch panel

If the 'A' button is not responding when you attempt to reset to default conditions, follow the steps below.
  1. Detach the touch panel ribbon from the CPU.
  2. Locate pin 2 and pin 5 (pin 1 is on the top), where the touch panel ribbon attaches to the CPU.
  3. Create a wire jumper (or alligator clips) to temporarily connect these two pins. This will emulate the 'A' button being pressed.
  4. Power cycle the machine.
  5. When the machine powers up, you should see "reset to default conditions."
  6. Remove the temporary wires from pin 2 and 5 and replace the touch panel connector. Make sure the pins are correctly matched to the connector.
  7. Try to use the 'A' key and other keys to see if the response is normal.
  8. If the keys respond poorly (or not at all) and the pins are correctly matched with the cables, the touch panel needs replacement. Order part #202-0001 from us to get it replaced.